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I haven't figured out exactly what the rules should be. Read An Example Game to get a fair idea for the time being.

An Example Game

1. Start
Your plane starts on its own airfield, at rest. Your airfield (and any other buildings you might control) has a flag of the same colour as your plane.
2. Takeoff
Hold down Ascend once and your plane should trundle down the runway and take off.
3. Finding a Target
To find your enemies, look at the minimap in the corner of the screen (or shall we use coloured indicators on the sides of the screen?). Turn so that you are flying towards an enemy base.
4. Dogfighting
As you approach the enemy base, you may encounter an enemy plane. Press Fire to fire your guns. They have infinite ammunition. Either shoot the plane down or avoid it and move on to bomb its base.
5. Soldiers
Each base is protected by soldiers which slowly spawn from it. As you approach you will have to avoid their gunfire and in order to successfully bomb your target you may wish to shoot them with your guns or drop bombs on them.
6. Bombing
To destroy the enemy installations, you will have to use the Drop Bomb command. You'll need to angle your plane correctly so that the bomb lands on the enemy building and you only have a few bombs at most. A single bomb is enough to destroy all enemy buildings except their base, which requires 3 bombs (although this may vary depending on the server settings). A destroyed base does not produce soldiers until it respawns, which it does about 20 seconds after being destroyed.
7. Winning
You gain 2 points every time you destroy an enemy base and you lose 1 point every time your own base is destroyed. You win the game when you achieve 15 points (although this can vary depending on server settings).



Copyright (c) 2002-2003, Greg McIntyre